All adults should review their Wills throughout their lives as their circumstances change, for example on marriage or a change in their financial situation.


A will is a living document and everyone should have one. It allows you, the Testator, to ensure that those you would wish to benefit from your assets, do benefit. In the absence of a Will, the Law will stipulate who receives what. Your Will should then be reviewed on a 3-5 year basis, depending on the stage in your life and any change in circumstances of you or your beneficiaries.

A Will should follow you through your life, being updated as and when required. At Murnaghan Colton, we are so keen that we encourage our clients to make Wills, that we offer a free initial consultation to provide general advice on making a will and to begin the process of drafting your will.


The death of a family member is traumatic, and circumstances frequently dictate the need to administer the estate soon thereafter, as the family business or farm may be tied up in the estate and need to be formalized. Murnaghan Colton strive to assist you in doing this as quickly and easily as possible. Each estate is different, and it takes time to do, but in this Firm we endeavour to keep you updated with all stages, and minimize the distress, anxiety and worry at this time. We will not be able to remove these entirely, but hope to assist on a personal level.

The process includes evaluating the estate, and assessing whether there is any Inheritance tax liability; subsequently, an application is made to extract a Grant of Probate (if there is a Will) or Administration (if not), realizing all assets and effecting distribution in the terms of the Will or Law, whichever is appropriate. Whilst this process can often be time consuming, we guarantee that we will look after the deceased estate efficiently and effectively.

In the event that you have a query over an estate and your entitlement thereto, please feel free to consult us as we will be able to advise on this aspect also. We will be able to assist in making a claim, if one is merited, against an estate.


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