Money problems are one of the most stressful worries in life; we can help you manage them – a problem shared is a problem halved.


Bankruptcy is one area of work in the current climate that is becoming increasingly familiar. It is an unwanted experience for the client but at Murnaghan Colton we promise to ensure that we do everything that we can for you at this time. Bankruptcy carries very serious consequences which can have a far reaching impact on the bankrupt’s work and family life. It is important that our clients feel that they can be upfront in dealing with all issues and consequences of bankruptcy. Firstly, if instructed early, we will try to avoid bankruptcy by helping you to arrange your financial affairs in a more coherent way. This enables our Clients to continue with their business and home life.

Nevertheless, we understand that Bankruptcy cannot always be avoided and so we ensure that your interests are properly protected if a Bankruptcy Order is made by the Courts. We are also experienced in dealing with discharging a bankruptcy order if the Client is in the financial position to do so.


At Murnaghan Colton we offer a comprehensive Debt Recovery Service. From sending out Letters of Demand, issuing proceedings and Enforcing Judgments, we can assist you in collecting all of your Debts.

Our expertise covers work in all the various Courts throughout Northern Ireland;

  • From the Small Claims Court for all debts under £2,000.00
  • Larger debts ranging from between £2,000.00 to £15,000.00 in the County Court and
  • Considerable liability amounts of £15,000.00+ in the High Court.

We have vast experience of acting for both Creditors and Debtors including local Credit Unions and Banks along with our Private Client. We appreciate the current economic climate and the impact it has on the local private sector. If your business is finding it difficult to collect debt owed, contact us and we will ensure you are given the best service to realise your Debt. We can also advise businesses in avoiding unnecessary proceedings being issued against them by a reorganisation and prioritisation of certain debts.


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