The Transfer of a Site within the family is as complex and important as the purchase from a stranger.


Almost all individuals will be involved in a Transfer of Land/Property and/or a Mortgage at some stage of their lives. These may sound like everyday terms but there are commonly many questions that each individual will have about their own specific matter. We are here to help;


This is one of the so called “Bread and Butter” areas of legal practice and in particular the field of Conveyancing. Murnaghan Colton has a fine track record in this area of practice. Traditionally, this firm has a well-developed and strong reputation in this field.

We can act for a Transferor or Transferee in the transfer of legal title to a property or a piece of land. Our approach covers advising our clients on all components associated with such transfers in a friendly, “easy to understand” language. We can advise you on the following elements associated with any types of Transfers;

  • Directing you to an Architect/Mapper for the production of specific transfer maps.
  • Advising on all types of Easements required including sightlines, sewerage pipes, water pipes and electricity cables.
  • Drafting and preparation of Transfer Deeds
  • Stamp Duty, if relevant
  • Registration of all Transfers in the Land Registry/Registry of Deeds
  • Talk to us today to let us help you with your Transfer.


We also offer excellent service in Mortgages with local Banks, Building Societies and Lending Institutions. We take care of all the legal formalities and ensure that Mortgage funds are drawn down on behalf of you, our client. We advise on the practicalities of all work involved in their Mortgage and the legal effect of mortgaging their property/land.

We also ensure the smooth registration of your Mortgage on your Title Deeds in the Land Registry/Registry of Deeds as well as ensuring that your Title Deeds are efficiently and promptly dispatched to your Bank/Building Society for their retention as security against your Borrowing.


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