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Our Family Law Solicitors can offer experienced assistance in all likely areas including:

Care of Children

  • Custody & Access arrangements for children through applications to Court but also through successful negotiations with all parties concerned
  • Family care cases

Domestic Violence

The Law recognizes a societal need for personal protection from domestic violence within the home and wider relationships. There are various remedies available to those affected by Domestic Violence to include:

  • Emergency Protection Orders (Non-Molestation Orders)
  • Exclusion Orders or exclusion zones
  • Occupation Orders- getting the perpetrator out of the family home

Marriage Breakdown

  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Separation Agreements
  • Maintenance issues
  • Property & Financial Implications of marital breakdown
  • Negotiation of comprehensive matrimonial agreements
  • Alternative methods of dispute resolution
  • Mediation

Legal Aid may be available for you subject to a financial assessment of your circumstances.

Often what is needed is a third party to assist in problems that arise in family situations. At Murnaghan Colton, our dedicated team is there to help parties to agree an amicable solution between them, or in the event that that is not possible, to make application to Court for an Order suited to their circumstances.

Contact our team today if you have any worries or concerns and we will provide quality legal advice to help you decide the most suitable way forward for you and your family.


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