It is a fundamental maxim of the law that “All persons are innocent until proven Guilty”


At Murnaghan Colton, we assure you that your case will be treated on an individual basis and will ensure you know exactly what is happening with your case at all times. Whether it is a minor crime such as Excess Speed in the local Magistrates Court or a more serious crime such as Assault in the Crown Court, we will always seek the best possible Defence.

Our Solicitors will attend court in all the local Magistrates Courts, or anywhere in Northern Ireland, to give you the benefit of our robust and realistic Defence service!

We are also available to attend local Police Stations and Police interviews at any time. The Murnaghan Colton team will always advise you appropriately of your rights and ensure your interests are protected.

If you are required to attend Court as a result of being served with a Summons or Charge Sheet please contact ourselves immediately so we can arrange a consultation to discuss your case and timetable your case appropriately.


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