Companies and Partnerships create separate entities in the corporate world creating a separation between the business and personal life of the client.



Murnaghan Colton provides advice on the creation of a Partnership Agreement to include advising on the initial content of such Agreements and the legal consequences of the initial drafting process. We can draft and prepare your Partnership Agreement and provide you with an Agreement that works and assists in the smooth running of your Partnership.

We also recognise that some partnerships experience problems. We can help you in those difficult times and advise you on the legalities of a dissolution of a Partnership Agreement and help ensure that the fall out from such a situation can be minimised.

Company Law:

Murnaghan Colton offer services to our clients in assisting them in the law relating to the formation and existence of a Company. Company Law may sound complicated and overly specialist, but we are here to simplify this process for you. We are there to help you find the most advantageous solutions to make your Company prosper and be successful.

A Company provides a corporate entity for your business which in itself can shield you from liability in the event of an unforeseen event or change in personal circumstance.


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